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 infrastructure & Development

McDaan Limited, through McDaan Finance arm and Infrastructure development wing works with key infrastructure actors and market participants to find solutions for infrastructure development in Sub Saharan Africa, including with:


Government ministries and public institutions

• Donor and development agencies, including bilateral donors and multilateral development banks

• Major project developers and private sector market participants

• Private sector infrastructure funders


Our Mission



Our mission is to address Africa’s infrastructure development needs by striving  to increase finance for sustainable infrastructure development, to help improve the lives and economic well - being of Africa’s people


Currently, lack of access to reliable infrastructure is limiting economic growth and restraining sector development across the continent, preventing millions of Africans from fulfilling their true potential. By providing project development expertise and risk capital, McDaan infrastructure development is helping to fill Africa’s critical infrastructure void and ensuring that positive economic growth momentum in the region is maintained and accelerated.

The Business Model



As financial consultants and project developers we offer a unique value proposition covering three complementary service areas: project development, financial advisory and principal investing. In addition to these core services McDaan infrastructure development has significant experience and expertise in project management and will ensure that the objectives of all parties involved are met through careful monitoring of the project from beginning to end. We therefore fill key market gaps by participating across the entire project cycle and capital structure, ensuring that projects are well structured and transactions reach financial close.


Why Infrastructure Development



Infrastructure development is a vital component in encouraging a country's economic growth. It not only enhances a country's productivity but also helps provide economic incentives to public and private sector participants consequently making firms more competitive and boosting a region's economy. Infrastructure development is critical for Africa’s economic growth and poverty reduction yet there is a significant funding gap to fulfil the continent’s infrastructure needs, serving as one of the most significant obstacles to sustaining and distributing the trajectory of growth and poverty alleviation on the continent. To realize its potential, Africa needs to reduce its massive infrastructure deficit.


Africa has a number of constraints to infrastructure development, which include limited transaction capacity - both institutional and individual; access to resources (legal, technical, and financial); as well as the enabling environment (e.g cost reflective tariffs) to encourage private sector driven infrastructure development.


The significance of infrastructure for regional development cannot be overstated; established infrastructure enhances social and economic development by encouraging trade, providing employment, and promoting better health services. A deficit in infrastructure severely deters foreign direct investment and reduces a regions’ overall competitiveness.



Our holistic approach to understanding project complexities is pragmatic and innovative, ensuring our solutions are balanced and sustainable.

Our Infrastructure Development capabilities include, but not limited to the following:

Our Solutions



Project preparation support, including feasibility studies and business cases, terms of  reference and funding proposals. We can facilitate funding and expertise needed to develop early stage projects into viable investment opportunities.

• Project Packaging: PPP, BOT, Debt Funding, Issuance of Bonds, establishing SPVs

Procurement/ Appointment of Service Providers – Contractor, Lead Consultant/ Project Manager

• Funds Arrangement services including preparation of proposals for Banks/ Financial Institutions, Identification of a potential financier or a consortium of financiers/banks, Negotiation and finalisation of financing arrangements – ready for disbursement. Assistance in execution of security documents and other associated services. Monitoring servicing of loan by the client to ensure compliance – this function requires rendering a lot of financial re-engineering related services

Construction Period: End-to-End Project Management Services.

• Post Construction Period: Property Management Services; and.

Other associated services such as training needs assessments and capacity building, financial re-engineering and project negotiation


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