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McDaan energy develops, constructs, finances and operates long-term renewable energy projects across Sub Saharan Africa.

We invest in a wide variety of clean technologies in renewable energy projects ranging from WTE, Solar, Wind from small to larger scale, in order to make a significant contribution across Africa meeting our goal of a low carbon and a sustainable future.


Operating across a range of innovative low-carbon energy technologies, our capabilities cover everything from project inception to energy generation and operation. Sustainability lies at the core of our values; balancing commercial, environmental and social concerns to address Africa’s energy problems is what makes us different.


We operate a growing portfolio of renewable assets around the African continent covering the whole value chain of renewable energy projects and electricity generation: McDaan energy is constantly seeking Local Partners able to ensure a trustful and sustainable relation with public authorities.




Sub Saharan Africa is characterised by extreme energy poverty. The energy sector suffers one of the greatest gaps in infrastructure development. Daily per capita electricity use in Africa is reported to be just 124 kilowatt-hours and the average electrification rate in the region is around 30%. On average more than 90% of primary energy demand in the region is covered through unsustainable biomass. Overall less than 3% of the rural population and less than 32% of the urban population have access to the national electricity grid. In effect more than Two thirds of the SSA population , over 620 million people live without electricity.


SSA’s population and economies are growing and the needs for adequate power infrastructure to sustain this growth is harder to ignore. Africa doesn’t have the energy it needs to maintain and increase its forward momentum. The fact is that the pace and volume of investment has been hampered by the dearth of bankable projects in which to invest.


The African continent is diverse with its countries differing significantly in terms of growth rates, economy size, political stability and levels of financial sophistication. In addition, the infrastructure investment spectrum has a broad range of risk/return profiles and characteristics. There is therefore no one size fits all approach. Local knowledge and experience is critical to developing a portfolio through which strong risk adjusted returns can be delivered.


For many countries on the African continent mobilising capital may be beyond the capacity of the governments and they will require private investment. The accumulation of investment risk makes financing difficult. Perceived risk that may be associated with renewable energy technologies is exacerbated by investment risks typical for developing countries; political risk, currency risk and commercial risk.


In addition to the obstacles undermining private investment in power infrastructure for reliable electricity supply, existing infrastructure also has its share in the reliable electricity supply problem that developing countries are facing. In most developing countries rapid economic growth is accompanied by a rapid increase in the electricity demand. Utilities are often compelled to skip some necessary maintenance to be able to cope with the growing demand. This leads to overloading and eventually a loss in generating capacity. Adding to this, capacity degradation due to aging power plants, high cost generation arising from the choice of technology and lack of long term planning are some other examples of the drags on developing countries.



Our Mission



Our mission is to increase renewable energy investment in Sub Saharan Africa to accelerate and scale up the harnessing of the continents huge renewable energy potential in order to enhance wellbeing and economic development.



What can McDaan Finance and Project development do?


As financial consultants and project developers, we can structure finance to various projects by developing financial structures that meet the market risk appetite, taking cognisance of the associated risks of the project enabling us to source alternative sources of finance.


We can also facilitate the use of various financing mechanisms provided by Development partners to support infrastructure development by providing investment funds, blended grants, and guarantees, to mitigate risks and provide both debt and equity funding.


Having a wide database of Project Preparation Facilities, we are well placed to support and facilitate early stage project development to bankability. This is critical as many sponsors lack sufficient funds and or capacity to develop projects to completion.


Please contact us if you would like any information regarding any of our services, to make a booking or if you have other questions regarding the

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